Hue Jackson blames furniture for Palmer’s poor debut

"I'm still getting acclimated, Kyle, so I'll just follow your lead" -Carson's worst idea ever

What a whirlwind week it has been for Carson Palmer. Just seven days ago, Carson was taking his first practice snaps for the Oakland Raiders after months of semi-retirement on Cincinnati Bengals owner Mike Brown’s shelf in a protest of Mike Brown. Then came the Raiders, panicked after Jason Campbell went down with a broken collar bone that they would be forced to rely on the gelatinous arm of Kyle Boller to lead them to their playoff goals this season, and they made an offer that even Mike Brown couldn’t refuse. Carson had been keeping in shape in Southern California, but hadn’t thrown a single pass to an NFL receiver or taken a snap in an NFL offense since the end of last season. Needless to say there would be some rust, so nobody was surprised when Carson Palmer and coach Hue Jackson came to the mutual decision that he wasn’t ready to get in against a real defense just yet on Sunday. However, Kyle Boller went out and did his best to justify the high price Oakland paid to bring Palmer in, throwing three interceptions in the first half, including a pick six, and Palmer was forced into action…and he pulled a Boller in the second half, throwing three interceptions, including a pick six. Hue Jackson, however, is not worried. Wait, really? Not even a little?


“This man was on a couch and we’re playing against the highest level of competition on Sunday,” Jackson told KNBR-AM, via “I think what he did in my opinion was kind of remarkable. … Like I said, if anyone can do it, he can, and the only guy that can overcome (getting adjusted) — whether it’s gonna be really good or gonna be really bad — is this guy, Carson Palmer.”

Jackson, for one, won’t apologize for making an aggressive move to get a veteran quarterback to fuel Oakland’s push for the playoffs. He dismissed the idea that he created a fiasco last week around Palmer’s playing status against the Chiefs.

“I think any time you put a player on your team like Carson Palmer, who was the first player drafted by Cincinnati and you put him on your team, I’m not the one that calls all the media to talk about him,” Jackson said. “My focus was to get my team ready. I never once said Carson Palmer was going to start. I said we we’re going to see if we could get him off and running. That means he’s off his couch, now he’s practicing with his teammates, getting to know his teammates, and that was it. I never once said he was going to start, play, or anything.”

The Raiders may be short on draft picks next year, but their coach sure isn’t short on optimism. Palmer was in a rough spot being asked to go into that game. Running back Darren McFadden went out early in the first quarter with a foot sprain, so the running game went stale, and Boller killed any momentum or passion the offense might have had heading into that game by halftime with his terrible performance. Palmer had three days with the team, barely enough time to learn the names of the guys on the team, let alone the intricacies of an NFL offense.

Palmer has been coming in during the bye week with his receivers to learn the passing game so that he’s ready to go in Week 9. McFadden should be recovered from his foot sprain, or the team will be prepared to platoon the running game to accommodate his injury, and the receivers will have some familiarity with the quarterback they’re running routes for. Things will get better in Oakland with Palmer behind center, and they fortunately didn’t lose any ground on division leading San Diego while they get it figured out. In short, “This man was on a couch” is my new favorite way of saying cut him some slack.

T.O. works out for nobody, gives unsolicited opinions on people

Owens reacts to nobody coming to his work-out party

Terrell Owens is still alive, so that’s news. He’s also trying to make a comeback to the NFL. After not being retained by the Bengals last season and having ACL surgery seven months ago, T.O. feels ready to return to the big times, so he held a workout at a high school field in Southern California where all the teams interested in him could come and watch his restructured knee in action…but it turns out the market for a 37-year old locker room cancer with a history of dropping passes is not as hot a commodity as Owens thought. Zero teams showed up to the workout, but that didn’t dampen the wide receiver’s hopes of signing with a team or keep him from sharing his opinion on players who are actually on NFL teams.

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Biggest Meltdowns of NFL Week 7

Tim Tebow: Homewrecker

Week 7 of the NFL season has come and gone except for the Monday Night Massacre taking place tonight in Jacksonville. This weekend had its fair share of excitement, letdowns, and teams forgetting to show up at all. This week, the Colts really are that bad, the Titans may not be ready to take the AFC South, the Raiders played gracious host to the Chiefs, the Chargers spent the last two minutes trying to come up with cutting remarks for the postgame handshake, and the Church of Tebow gets founded in Miami. Come for the disappointment, stay for the sad looking athletes!

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Carson Palmer would have paid any price to get out of Cincinnati

The most expensive hat and shirt Carson Palmer has ever put on

The buzz this week in the NFL has been about the Oakland Raiders making the blockbuster trade for deactivated ex-Cincinnati Bengal quarterback Carson Palmer. Palmer had demanded to be traded this offseason or he would simply retire, stating that he would never again put on a Cincinnati Bengal uniform. Owner Mike Brown seemed content to let him retire, unwilling to “reward” players for not coming to work. The standoff seemed settled and fans thought they had seen the last of Palmer in the NFL.

However, after Jason Campbell broke his collar bone last weekend, the Raiders were put in the unenviable situation of making a trade happen before Tuesday’s trade deadline, less than 48 hours after Campbell’s injury, or testing the waters with backup Kyle Boller and whichever semi-retired backup quarterback was still looking for work. The coaches apparently weren’t enthusiastic about what they’ve seen from Boller, because they quickly turned around and offered up a 1st round pick in 2012 and a 2nd round pick in 2013 to move Brown off his “no-trade” stance and get Palmer to Oakland to start this weekend’s game against the Chiefs. Immediate reaction was that the Raiders gave up too much, and the price was far too high. It turns out, they’re not the only ones paying a heavy cost.

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Quarterback carousel hits full speed

Somehow, this guy isn't involved

With the mid-way point of the season just around the corner, teams that have come out of the gate struggling have started to look towards the future of their quarterback position. Other teams have been forced to make moves due to injury, but either way, the quarterback carousel is revving up to full speed this weekend. Three weeks ago, only one team (Jacksonville) had made a switch at quarterback, but heading into week 7, as many as eight teams will be starting a different quarterback than started the season for them. Most surprisingly, the 49ers and Alex Smith are not included. Wonders never cease. A rundown of the teams starting new quarterbacks this weekend, after the jump.

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Carson Palmer escapes Cincinnati into a new kind of black hole

"Mmm, I look gooood in black"

While most trade deadlines in the NFL pass without much happening, this year has seen a couple big deals already and some more possibly squeezed in before the deadline passes. Yesterday, Brandon Lloyd was traded from Denver to St. Louis for a conditional 5th round pick. Today, the Oakland Raiders made a big splash to fill the void left at quarterback after Jason Campbell went down on Sunday with a broken collar bone. They made the trade for semi-retired Bengals quarterback Carson Palmer, reuniting him with Hue Jackson, who coached him during his time in Cincinnati. It’s the kind of deal Al Davis would have loved…a reach.

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