On National Signing Day, we recognize the Mom of the Year frontrunner

She needs work on her "supportive mother" pose

Earlier this month, during the rush of high school football all-star games where prep players take time on the sidelines to make a big, dramatic announcement of where they’ll be committing to play football by wearing a baseball hat, we were introduced to Landon Collins and his mother, April Justin. As you can tell by the picture above, Justin wasn’t enthusiastic about her son’s decision to play football at Alabama next year rather than stay in-state and play for LSU. She was so unhappy about it, in fact, that immediately following her son’s announcement at the Under Armour All-American game, she turned to the camera and told the ESPNU audience, “Go Tigers. LSU No. 1” as her son celebrated with the rest of his friends and family in attendance over his decision to join the Crimson Tide. Not one to take things like this gracefully, apparently, Justin has now come out with accusations against Nick Saban and Alabama of serious recruiting violations in regards to her son by offering Collins’ girlfriend, Victoria Lowery, a job in exchange for her son’s commitment. Mom against girlfriend…these fights always end well, right?

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Poor Prognostication: Dancing Hippos Edition!

His favorite movie is Fantasia

After weeks of my picks struggling, having my faith in teams’ ability to beat a spread shattered, it seemed like the likelihood of seeing a good week of picks again this season was about the same as seeing hippos dancing ballet. Well, bust out the oversized point-shoes, cause we’ve had ourselves a Thanksgiving miracle! Last week’s increased number of picks turned out well, picking right 2 to 1 in games last week, finishing 12-6-2 to bring the overall record for the season to 51-46-4 (back over .500 woo-hoo!). This week the college football regular season wraps up with conference championships galore which will give us some clarity into the BCS picture and several NFL playoff scenarios will likely be killed off by Sunday night. Let’s keep the good picks rolling! My picks are in bold.

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Poor prognostication: Back to middling!

Last week wasn't a train wreck. That deserves a fist bump.

After back to back weeks of disastrous picks, it’s time to celebrate the little victories. Last week, I was one New Orleans collapse away from picking over .500, but since Tony LaRussa had to show up and inspire another incredible underdog performance, I finished 4-5 for the week, bringing the overall picks to 29-24-1 for the year. 4-5 isn’t great by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s certainly better than another 2-7 week. Remember when I was good at this? Oh well, onward and upward this week. Mike Tomlin is willing to celebrate my moral victory with me, so should you. Picks are in bold.

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Poor Prognostication: Now in freefall!

Last week was a swift kick to the nether region

Last week was the week I knew was coming, the “falling off a cliff” week. I had been picking well, got a little confident, mentioned my winning percentage, and basically signed my own death warrant. I went 2-6-1 in last week’s picks, thanks to Buffalo’s defense preventing Ahmad Bradshaw’s fourth rushing touchdown and holding the Giants to a late field goal giving me my first push of the year. On the season, I doubled up my losses and now stand at 23-12-1. Not terrible yet, so hopefully I can pull the emergency cord this week and get myself out of free fall. Rob Ryan feels my pain. Picks are in bold.

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Jordan Jefferson would kick a dude in the face to start again

"And he was like, 'oh no please don't hit me in the face,' so I hit him in face"

LSU quarterback, Jordan Jefferson, has had a rough start to the college football season. After being named the started for the LSU football team, Jefferson got into a bit of trouble during a bar fight August 19, which resulted in allegations of assault against Jefferson and teammate Josh Johns, ultimately leading to an arrest and suspension from the football team. Now, Jefferson is back on the team after his four-game suspension and the charges against him were reduced to a misdemeanor and Jordan just wants to get back out there and play after suffering such an ordeal.

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