Crummy Conjecture: Hoops picks!

Someone give that man a high five!

With the news of the NBA returning to play at Christmas and the college season getting into full swing, we here at Mild Mannered have decided to extend our Poor Prognostication football picks onto the hardwood with: Crummy Conjecture! I’m not a college basketball expert by any stretch of the imagination, but I love the game and enjoy watching it, so I’m going to share my picks and observations on some of the big games of each weekend. At least in this one I won’t try and rely on the talent of Auburn to keep games close… This weekend has plenty of marquee matchups, so let’s jump in. John Calipari is so excited about this idea he’s looking for just about anybody to high five. Someone high five the man! My picks are in bold.

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Poor Prognostication: Dancing Hippos Edition!

His favorite movie is Fantasia

After weeks of my picks struggling, having my faith in teams’ ability to beat a spread shattered, it seemed like the likelihood of seeing a good week of picks again this season was about the same as seeing hippos dancing ballet. Well, bust out the oversized point-shoes, cause we’ve had ourselves a Thanksgiving miracle! Last week’s increased number of picks turned out well, picking right 2 to 1 in games last week, finishing 12-6-2 to bring the overall record for the season to 51-46-4 (back over .500 woo-hoo!). This week the college football regular season wraps up with conference championships galore which will give us some clarity into the BCS picture and several NFL playoff scenarios will likely be killed off by Sunday night. Let’s keep the good picks rolling! My picks are in bold.

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Poor Prognostication: Presented by Wile E. Coyote!

Bob Costas is concerned about the way these picks have gone

Wile E. Coyote and I have a shared experience. Much like in every one of those old Looney Tunes cartoons where Wile E. Coyote would chase the Roadrunner and inevitably fall off the cliff over and over, I have once again run straight off that cliff. Last week was the second straight brutal effort on my part, going 2-7 on picks and rapidly catching my losses up to my wins in the overall record, which now stands at 25-19-1. This week, I would settle for just having an old-timey bomb blow up in my face or run into a wall that I painted a tunnel onto. Bob Costas is very concerned with the way these picks have turned, so I’m going to try to turn it around this week. For Bob! Picks are in bold.

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Poor Prognostication: Now in freefall!

Last week was a swift kick to the nether region

Last week was the week I knew was coming, the “falling off a cliff” week. I had been picking well, got a little confident, mentioned my winning percentage, and basically signed my own death warrant. I went 2-6-1 in last week’s picks, thanks to Buffalo’s defense preventing Ahmad Bradshaw’s fourth rushing touchdown and holding the Giants to a late field goal giving me my first push of the year. On the season, I doubled up my losses and now stand at 23-12-1. Not terrible yet, so hopefully I can pull the emergency cord this week and get myself out of free fall. Rob Ryan feels my pain. Picks are in bold.

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Poor Prognostication: Still not terrible!

"Pffft, whatevs"

Things tapered off from the near perfect picks from two weeks ago, going 6-3 last week. Auburn finally got blown out, Nebraska rallied but failed to blow out, and someone reminded Pittsburgh about defense and the forward pass which resulted in my three wrong picks. For the year, I doubled my losses for an overall record of 21-6. Since I’ve set the bar pretty high for myself right out of the gate, it puts a lot of pressure to maintain that .778 winning percentage I have going, but I push on towards that eventual fall off a cliff. Jay Cutler is dismissive about it, but I’m still pretty stoked, so my picks are in bold after the jump.

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Poor prognosticating: Now against the spread!

Joe Flacco goes nuts about people guessing about things...

I was a surprising 7-2 last week picking straight up last week (damn you Florida St!!), but the majority of the feedback I got was that straight up picking is for squares and picking against the spread is where it’s at (paraphrased). So this week, we’re giving a try! Below, I’ve selected the teams I think are going to win against the spread this weekend and some reasons why I like them. Joe Flacco looks excited, so let’s see how I do. My picks are in bold.

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