Adventures In Trolling: Setting Fire To The Mail

U flammable, bro??

College rivalries can take on a life of their own and make grown men and women into crazy people at the drop of an oversized foam finger. Few things can turn otherwise rational human beings into ravenous cage fighters quite like a perceived slight against their college program of choice. And there aren’t many rivalries that contain the vitriol quite like the one between Michigan and Ohio State, particularly when it comes to football. That’s why new Michigan offensive tackle recruit Logan Tulley-Tillman decided to take his letter of intent to the next level…by SETTING FIRE to an Ohio State recruitment letter. Yeah, that’ll go over well.

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Adventures in Trolling: A Wolverine in Columbus

Columbus gets trolled by their emergency backup. Go Big Blue, indeed

The rivalry between Michigan and Ohio State runs deep. The Buckeyes and Wolverines do not mix well and are constantly at each other’s throats to claim some kind of supremacy in this rivalry. It’s cats and dogs, republicans and democrats, your stomach and Taco Bell levels of disagreement and ugliness. Sometimes, a Buckeye fan just wants to get away from that, and what better way than to sit back and enjoy the local professional hockey team, the Columbus Blue Jackets, in a spirited game of puck? The team has been struggling with some injuries and found themselves without a backup goalie going into last night’s game against the Detroit Red Wings, so they signed college senior Shawn Hunwick to an Amatuer Tryout contract to serve as their emergency backup who had to bring his college pads for warmups, which wouldn’t be much of a story except for one thing: Hunwick is a senior at Michigan. Buckeye fans supporting a goalie wearing the winged helmet of Michigan? That’s good trolling.

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Poor Prognostication: Now on the wrong side of .500

Not the time for sarcasti-quotes Eli

If I can say one thing about myself, it’s that I’m consistent. Unfortunately, that consistency has manifested in picking terribly the last several weeks, tanking my once respectable record down below .500 for the first time this year. Last week’s picks went 2-6-1 (I blame Mike Smith) bringing the overall record to 34-36-2. Ouch. This week, I pick a lot of home favorites *gulp* as the college football season hits its home stretch and the NFL begins its playoff push. Eli thinks I’m still “qualified” to be doing this and that I’m really “smart” but he’s a jerk who uses sarcasti-quotes on people. This is why people like Peyton better, Eli. Picks are in bold.

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Poor prognostication: Back to middling!

Last week wasn't a train wreck. That deserves a fist bump.

After back to back weeks of disastrous picks, it’s time to celebrate the little victories. Last week, I was one New Orleans collapse away from picking over .500, but since Tony LaRussa had to show up and inspire another incredible underdog performance, I finished 4-5 for the week, bringing the overall picks to 29-24-1 for the year. 4-5 isn’t great by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s certainly better than another 2-7 week. Remember when I was good at this? Oh well, onward and upward this week. Mike Tomlin is willing to celebrate my moral victory with me, so should you. Picks are in bold.

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Poor Prognostication: Still not terrible!

"Pffft, whatevs"

Things tapered off from the near perfect picks from two weeks ago, going 6-3 last week. Auburn finally got blown out, Nebraska rallied but failed to blow out, and someone reminded Pittsburgh about defense and the forward pass which resulted in my three wrong picks. For the year, I doubled my losses for an overall record of 21-6. Since I’ve set the bar pretty high for myself right out of the gate, it puts a lot of pressure to maintain that .778 winning percentage I have going, but I push on towards that eventual fall off a cliff. Jay Cutler is dismissive about it, but I’m still pretty stoked, so my picks are in bold after the jump.

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